Next Time Will Be Different​.​.​.

by Give Today

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Recording and mixing by Erik LK and Anton Larsson
Guest vocals by Sofia Karlsson
Thanks alot for all the help


released November 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Give Today Sweden

Four friends based in Sweden who love youth crew and 90's hardcore.

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Track Name: Am I Still Here?
Lost in a sworm of lies
Can't see through this, don't now if i'm still alive
Running deep in my thoughts, don't know who I can trust
Who can i trust?

I force myself not to believe what they say
I force my self to believe what's real
Track Name: Empty
I flip the page, but it's all the same
I have quit counting and there's no one to blame
My mind is so empty
My only thoughts are so tempting
Can't see no reason to stand by the edge

I just wanna believe
But my mind is so empty i can't see it

I quit the game but nothing was changed
I was alone but i just had to wait
My mind is so empty, my thoughts, so tempting
But can't see no reason to feel broken
Track Name: Tomorrow Is Never
Tired of waiting for the end
Hearing the same things, again and again
My legs are killing me, and i'm starting to feel bored
and i know if there is a next, there will be one more

Tired of waiting for the end
Two days later, we fuck up again
Desperation gets us torn up on the bore
and we know if there's a next, there will be one more

Self destructive ways, but we can't bleed forever
If today's not the time then tomorrow is never
Track Name: Next Time Will Be Different
I saw you again
I saw you look away
I saw you again and i know you saw me too
Next time i'll look away

Feel like leaving that house all alone
Giving up chances 'cause I don't feel at home
These feelings they come and go
and it's so weird, when you age but don't get old

'Cause i saw you again, and how you turned away
I can't act normal, can't act like I care
My eyelids are heavy, but don't seem to close
Giving up to easy, but can't stand to lose