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Everything That's Left

by Give Today

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It’s hard to stand your ground with a knife against your throat can’t win a fight outnumbered and unarmed This dividing wall In a place meant for trust All that’s left is discontent To bear this cross Is an art in itself A target for the unresolved Endure the oppression until you’re strong enough to fight Bliss left the body but never left the light
Torn Apart 02:04
Broken dreams, a ruined home Anger burns The whole street's torn Tears won’t help, and nothing else will Humanity is drowning into a state of pain It burns The anger burns The skies are dark from the clouds of violence Torn apart as you watch centuries of love get lost Torn apart as you watch a falling world Torn Apart
Eternal 02:15
It’s all in my head Crawling under my skin Wherever i go Your face keeps coming back but i'm not convinced it is you I see When you’re here, all the rules, and the logic of everyday life… Things I could feel that were so important to me, it all goes away. and all I can feel is how fast my heart beats, whenever i’m here With you I thought you were so far away turns out we’re closer than ever
Falling 02:50
Endless hunger Always longing for more This endless hunger Meant to keep me running and i’m struggling for the perfect life I just want the perfect life and i fall, i fall Searching for more i fall, i fall Little thought given to that i was meant to fall that this endless hunger is meant to keep me down and i’m falling again Searching for more and its suddenly so clear We’re all meant to fall
Left Behind 02:02
Left me behind to figure it out on my own Took one bad step Now… slowly...sinking Pushed me away as my true self was revealed Made me see my failures Everything that’s left is everything I want to forget Everything that’s left is all my regrets
And one has fallen again As another day comes to end Reflecting in silence of a graceful innocent view A useless thought Like a tear in the rain These verses won’t stay in this notebook he claims Words of love… forever unsaid Stories, forever unprinted Memories never to be made He will never be in her arms again Words of love… forever unwritten Stories forever unprinted Memories, never to be made She will never be in his arms again
Eight 01:47
Can’t understand how it got to this Always the same temptation Things I lost came flooding back Can’t get over this obsession Whoever i was is now gone Long gone Gone... To this obsession my life is bound Imagining how it could have been Waiting for better times to come without even knowing what’s wrong, or what should’ve been better but I gotta find out I gotta find out So I wait Do i know myself enough? I don’t think i do... but i gotta find out So I wait So I Wait
Trying to be brave but all i want is to escape Seconds turn to hours Like a drone that never sleeps and time, it moves so slowly Waiting for a thousand days to pass Time it moves so slowly A burning light dying I try to breath But time Suffocates A dying light All i want is to escape… Seems like im made to break
These trials that promise peace for those in search of honesty Rough in texture, fine in thought Only time will tell the aftermath


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Vinyl out through Monument, The Underground Fraction and Svensk Hardcorekultur
Out on CD through Mark My Words Records


released August 19, 2018


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Give Today Sweden

90's style hardcore from Sweden.

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